Baking location into Pinterest


It should come as no surprise for anyone that reads this blog that I have an opinion on what Pinterest should do from a product standpoint and even less of a surprise that it would include the concept of location. (I know. Sssshhhhhocking!)

20% of Pinterest’s traffic is currently mobile. I’m unsure what percentage is the Pinterest app vs. but I’m sure that traffic is not going to decrease. I’m also sure that Pinterest is in the unique position to help educate consumers as to how location-based services can be used in their everyday lives. This is what I’d like to see them do. Specifically to their app.

  1. Currently Pinterest monetizes their site traffic through a business called Skimlinks. If an image on Pinterest links to a business that’s apart of an ad network, they (Pinterest) get referral revenue.
  2. If the ad is for a specific product, there is a list of retailers that sell that product. Some of those retailers are brick and mortar. See where this is going . . .
  3. When a user is close to a retailer that carries something they’ve pinned, they should get a push alert notifying them that they’re close to the product. The notice would show them the picture of the product and a map with directions to the retailer.

This doesn’t guarantee that they product is in stock but could create some amazing shopping/discovery experiences. Imagine walking around Manhattan receiving alerts and then tracking the products down. My wife’s pupils just dilated!

By Michael Myers