American Express: Working the mobile and the social


At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I’ve been an American Express member for many moons. Growing up I associated the company with the upper crust of society; specifically in America. (Hence the name.) Something to be attained. When I got a card, I somehow felt like I’d arrived. It was a sign of forward progress. It was also a sign of being in debt!

Lately AmEx has been showing some true signs of forward progress. When I think of big business I envision a very large, slow moving animal, lacking vision. So when I see a large company moving with agility, it gets my attention. Case in point:

Foursquare – In June, AmEx announced a partnership with foursquare that allowed you to earn deals with businesses such as H&M and Sports Authority when you checked-in. For me, this closes the loop on types of Foursquare users that are now joining.

Twitter – Six days ago, American Express announced a deal with Twitter where users can Tweet promotional hashtags and when a card holder uses their AmEx card for the purchase, their account will be credited the amount featured in the discount. Nice!

Social Currency – Sounds a bit “gimmicky” but AmEx acknowledges the power of social and is encouraging their customers to use the their rewards in ways they hadn’t considered. (Of course you can also share how you used them on their Facebook page.)

Square’s Card Case -AmEx was one of the first companies to partner with Square’s Card Case offering that allows users to buy products (from Square partners) using their mobile phone. Google Wallet, PayPal and a myriad of others are entering the fray . ..

American Express App – You can get “it” here and it does many things well. You can also get the Open Forum app here.

By Michael Myers