A brief history of Alternative Music (infographic)


This is an intricate infographic linking the founders of alternative music to those that were influenced by them. (You can buy the poster here.) I love this with the exception of one glaring omission. The mighty Jane’s Addiction is completely missing. So beyond definition were Jane’s Addiction in the late 80s, that Rolling Stone referred to them as “art rock”. Their first album was a live album. Let that sink in for a minute . . . Your one shot at stardom is left to a live performance at the Roxy in LA. Amazing.

Nothing Shocking, the album below, changed the way I listened to music. It cleansed the palate and opened the minds eye for what was to come. Alternative Rock and Grunge. Yes. Grunge was a term made up by the media to define a body of music fueled by the punk ethos. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Nirvana. All bands I’ve seen live, may not have been possible for me, without Janes Addiction.



By Michael Myers