Lyrical nonsense


As a young man I had a love for music with a visceral yet structural sense. Music that made you feel like you’d gotten on a train and traveled quite a distance by the end of the song. The thing that was not important to me was lyrics. Bands like Talking Heads and Bob Dylan, although admittedly smart, made me want to burn the radio. Their music had little or no sense of motion and...

The Return of The Mighty Jane’s Addiction


In late 1991 Jason was hiking through the Sonoran desert in Arizona. The terrain was varied with flat spots and rocky outcroppings. As he came up over a ridge the land opened up into a small valley. In the middle was a small box, standing upright, about 10 inches high. He hiked down the interior towards the box. As he got closer he recognized the packaging as a box of Triscuits. When he reached...

Trent’s First Step


I heard on the radio yesterday that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails was releasing an all instrumental album/cd/8 Track/whatever you call it now, entitled Ghosts I-IV. I was very excited to hear this even though, I haven’t been an active fan since The Downward Spiral. I’ve always wanted him to release an instrumental collection as I was never really a fan of his vocal stylings and have...

Discovering NIN


The first time I saw Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails was in concert for the Pretty Hate Machine tour in 91. It was at the Gothic Theater in Denver and I remember thinking at the time as he swung out over the audience on a long rope; ” if he falls, they will eat him alive”. That is they type of fervor (almost rhymes with Reznor) that NIN has always elicited. A recent article in Wired...

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