Excellent post by Rich Goidel


A friend forwarded me this post, entitled Go-to-market Paradigm from Rich Goidel today. It’s an excellent description of where marketing is today. I don’t say this often. Not sure I’ve said it yet. This is a must read — so go now!

Marketing is Education


I know. I know. Bear with me. It could end up being “one of those posts” but you’ll have to keep reading to find out. I’ve seen a lot of analogies lately (as there always is) about what marketing is now. Here are some of my favorites: Marketing is listening Marketing is a conversation Marketing is interaction Marketing is like Legos for your brain (one of my favorites)...

Usability is Marketing


I met with a potential client last week. He was telling me about their business goals and how they needed their online marketing to increase their revenue over the next two years. We talked about SEO/SEM, social media, preroll advertising and what was going to happen with mobile advertising. He was interested in all of it. I then started to ask about their site and what they felt like the needed...

Please Touch that Dial


For many years marketers have been developing strategies and tactics that focused on distribution. The goal of television, radio and print was to get as many eyeballs and “earballs” on the material. Overtime this created a generation of the promotionally challenged; people that don’t see or hear advertising. It’s something we don’t even think about. We simply block...

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