The iPad and the human being


I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately that start with, “What’s all they hype around the iPad? I don’t get it.”. Arguably, these people are a little less “dialed in” than some, but this sentiment is still out there. I guess I should start with some stats around the iPad to help illustrate the hype they’re referring to. 1% of all Internet...

Social is the future of the iPad


So . . . I’ve been collecting stats on the iPad as they roll in and I’m now convinced of several things The iPad is device emphasizing engagement: meaning because of it’s intuitive interface and the experience it affords, it’s inherently more compelling, on a biological level. (No joke. The keyboard and the mouse are abstractions that we’re only now shaking off.)...

Brand depth and the iPad


For years now I’ve been running around using the term brand depth hoping it would catch on and I’d be given credit! When I use the term in meetings, I always get one old schooler that leans forward and asks me; “You mean brand equity, don’t you?” Nope. The concept is really easy with the goal being to have as deep a relationship with your customers as you can. (I...

The map, the divining rod and the magic mirror


Before you read this post, put your metaphor cap on. Been talking to a lot of clients about what they’re online business should look like and there is a real interest in figuring out what they should be doing in regards to online, apps and iPad. The following metaphors seem to work best. Website – This is the primary method people use to get information about a business. The site has...

Those pesky customers and their devices


I’ve been talking to many businesses about where they should be focusing their energies, in regards to mobile site vs. app vs. iPad app vs enormous movable flaming billboard. After listening to many business talk about the performance of their iPad apps vs their site (some selling twice as many items through their iPad app as opposed to their site) I realized that the customer is as usual in...

Is the iPad a mobile device?


Now that the iPad has been released and I don’t have on yet. (Yes. As you can imagine . . . very happy about it.) I’m wondering if the iPad will end up being a mobile device. At first I thought it was going to be a mobile device in the sense that a laptop; a computing device that can be used just as a desktop can be used. (Remember desktops?) But then, after testing one out, I...

Will the iPhone be the gaming console for the iPad?


I’m on the list! I have an iPad on reserve and very soon I will stand in a long line with many others to get what can only be called the most anticipated piece of computing since . . . well . . . since the iPhone! I’ve also been playing games on my iPhone (Primarily Asphalt 4) and I like them a lot but I have to say that blocking the screen with my thumbs to navigate is somewhat less...

Random thoughts on the iPad part 2


I’ve been having conversations with the technical people I work with and how the iPad is going to fail. They site, the lack of multi-tasking, etc . .  blah . . . blah blah. The fact is, it is going to succeed and in a very big way. How do I know this? Do I have a time machine? (It’s broken at the moment.) How can I be so sure? I know this because, when I see some 13 year old girl...

Random thoughts on the iPad


Apple announced the iPad today and a friend at work (a true Mac Fanatic) was keeping up to date on the announcement. I was getting SMS messages about specs, costs etc. Brent rocks! Nice looking. (No really.) Pictures at the bottom of this post. Comes with a docking station to help type when you have “real work” to do. (Just like digging ditches!) No mouse. From the picture you can see...

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