Lotame partners with users for social advertising (video)


I’ve been talking about businesses partnering with users on advertising many moons and found a business that does just this on social networks. They are called Lotame (low-ta-mee) and I mentioned them in an earlier post this week. I have included a video that describes the service. Sounds amazing and they offer some free reports here. Would love to know what users think. Would also like to...

The many flavors of advertising


So there I was. Minding my own business, when I was asked by a friend, what contextual advertising was. I politely explained the concept and this of course lead to a much larger discussion. So I decided to write up this little advertising map. (This is of course advertising according to me and is therefore subject to scrutiny.) Hope this helps. You know who you are . . . Contextual – This...

Multiple Persona Disorder?


I’ve posted about the potential for the browser to become a users online persona or shadow; the representation/summation of that person’s preferences. I’ve also talked about the future of OpenID and dataportability and how these two concepts together will create a marketers dream, which is an online persona that a person can plug into a companies environment (as long as that...

Do Not Forget About Quality


For years I have been someone who said that I would provide all my information to an “ad management organization” if they could promise me that I would only see ads that are relevant to me. The promise of behavioral advertising. I would like to formerly retract that statement. I have recently come to the conclusion that my appreciation or lack there of in regards to advertisements comes down to a...

Me & My Google Shadow


Lately I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, and explaining, the incredible marketing tool that Google is currently building. It’s a behavioral advertising model that will extend into your PC and mobile phone (and eventually radio and TV). I’m also sure that Google will utilize “peer recommendation” as a key element to behavioral advertising. Behavioral advertising can be thought...

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