No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Mobile Behavior


I just saw this video on MobileCrunch. It’s a demo of how the Firefox mobile browser could work and it looks pretty amazing. As of today people’s mobile Internet behavior is markedly different from terrestrial use. I’m excited about this type of functionality as it will help us shed some light on what people’s behavior will be if they are holding a window to the Internet...

Geotargeting Interacting with Location Based Services


I was recently having a conversation with a client about digital signage and how this could be used in different types of venues. Everything from retail to hotels could easily find a clever usage for this technology as it is. We then started to talk about the potential of digital signage as the “anchor” for location based services. In brief, these are marketing efforts provided by...

Mobile Security


I have been keeping a list of what functions I want on my cell phone in the very near future. The list as of today is: garage door opener, car alarm, remote control, drivers license, credit card, quality camera, HD recorder, audio recorder, watch, geo-targeting tool, MP3 player; with wireless headphones, alarm clock, organizer, mouse/computer and a phone. All of this with a full QWERTY keyboard...

Mobile Product Placement


I have been thinking about how product placement might play itself out in a mobile video environment. Screen size is the obvious limitation and I’m not convinced that short-from video will be the primary form of accepted video. I have mentioned in the past some of the amazing things that Japan has done on the mobile phone and the potential future that mobile discovery holds (which is...

The Core of the Corporate Social Graph


I have been talking about the Internet as the delivery mechanism for entertainment, information and communication. I now also think of these as the core of the Corporate Social Graph (CSG). But I also I recently realized that I had left out one of, if not the most important elements that the Internet affords, which is interaction. When I talk about interaction within this context, I’m...

Usability is Marketing


I met with a potential client last week. He was telling me about their business goals and how they needed their online marketing to increase their revenue over the next two years. We talked about SEO/SEM, social media, preroll advertising and what was going to happen with mobile advertising. He was interested in all of it. I then started to ask about their site and what they felt like the needed...

Who is the King?


For many years we had been told that content was king. Quality content was the thing that online businesses must create to keep the attention and develop the loyalty of users. Then in 2006 Chris Anderson chimed in and let us know that content was no longer king; context was. The quote is from Rob Reid of and his point is that in a world of infinite choices with people peers acting as...

Brand Equity and the Corporate Social Graph


I have been writing about the corporate social graph since February and have discussed its impact on search and how to move towards accurately measuring it. One of the main issues with the developing a CSG is its impact on brand equity. For those of you keeping score the focus of the CSG is to have companies create as much interaction utilizing Internet technologies and Web 2.0 venues. This...

Mobile Discovery


There has been a lot of great conversation about the discovery vs. search and the challenges that discovery creates. Discovery in regards to search is exactly what you would think it is. Search is looking and finding something specific while discovery is an unexpected find. People do this all the time when surfing the web. They start with a goal in mind and then end up at Zombo (make sure the...

Speaking Freely with SpinVox


“I recently posted about the potential future of the mobile internet and offered up an option that could resolve the issue of screen real estate. Had briefly touched on the solution for what’s some perceive as the other issue, data entry. It’s hard for some to type on a pretty keyboard and harder for those of us that need tact had a refill want to be cool and have a I phone. The...

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