No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Map Schmap!


Way back in July (sound familiar?) I posted about Twitter, geo-targeting and location based services combining to create what I referred to as conduit marketing. (Also talked about it here and recently here.) About a month ago I heard of a company called Schmap and how they were using Twitter to essentially create the foundation for this type of service. They call it Geotweeting. (Brightkite does...

Think of it as a Branding Excercise


In these economically conscious times (aren’t they always?!?!?), I keep hearing; How do I monetize my time on a social network? Well aside from advertising (which is the one obvious answer) there are several ways to ways to think about spending time and effort on social networks. To keep it simple and akin to something that the old guard is familiar with; think of it as a branding exercise...

Skype on the iPhone: Big Deal . . .


This would have been a much more exciting announcement if the carriers were still raking most of us over the coals with old fashioned calling/data plans. Fortunately for most of us, we’re on flat rate plans so this really does not help us. I have always been a fan of Skype and have posted about wanting them to realize they are in the communication business. I’m glad they’re...

The Return of The Mighty Jane’s Addiction


In late 1991 Jason was hiking through the Sonoran desert in Arizona. The terrain was varied with flat spots and rocky outcroppings. As he came up over a ridge the land opened up into a small valley. In the middle was a small box, standing upright, about 10 inches high. He hiked down the interior towards the box. As he got closer he recognized the packaging as a box of Triscuits. When he reached...

My Swiss Army iPhone


Way back in July I posted about mobile phone security and listed out all of the things that I wanted my mobile phone to do. With the ever increasing emergence of the iPhone as the tool for kids of all ages (including us grown-ups), I thought I would see what apps, out of my essentials list exist today: Garage door opener – Nothing official listed and it looks to be a little more complicated...

Communities Build Brand Depth


By now we all know that as businesses, we don’t own our brand quite the way we used to. (Actually we never did it just wasn’t as easy to spread the word about brands as it is today via the internet.) We also know that if you aren’t participating in the conversation then you’re losing out on an opportunity to build brand equity through transparency. The question becomes;...

Peer Interaction Within Conduit Marketing


Found this video the other day right after I read the news about the iPhone’s coming peer-to-peer capability. The peer-to-peer combined with accelerometer (much like what is in the video above) could make for some very cool marketing experiences. (Smule is a company who has taken this type of thing to a new level.)  This could add interactions with peers to the concept of conduit marketing...

I Take it Back . . . for now


Recently I posted an interview with the CEO of Bluetunes and made the statement that mobile was going to help push cloud services. TechCrunch recently hosted another round table with several major players where the cloud was the topic of conversation. Most agree that this trend is the very near future and the statement I made was incorrect; for now. The issue that burgeoning cloud services will...

Advertising Needs to get a Whole Lot Smarter


I was looking at YouTube today to do some research and saw this video entitled Police Report for Rihanna & Chris Brown. Now, I’m not much of a fan and yet I’ve heard a lot about this incident. I was curious to see what information was in this video, so I began to watch. After several minutes the ad on the bottom came up (circled in red). Not really sure where to file this...

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