No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Peer Interaction Within Conduit Marketing


Found this video the other day right after I read the news about the iPhone’s coming peer-to-peer capability. The peer-to-peer combined with accelerometer (much like what is in the video above) could make for some very cool marketing experiences. (Smule is a company who has taken this type of thing to a new level.)  This could add interactions with peers to the concept of conduit marketing...

I Take it Back . . . for now


Recently I posted an interview with the CEO of Bluetunes and made the statement that mobile was going to help push cloud services. TechCrunch recently hosted another round table with several major players where the cloud was the topic of conversation. Most agree that this trend is the very near future and the statement I made was incorrect; for now. The issue that burgeoning cloud services will...

Advertising Needs to get a Whole Lot Smarter


I was looking at YouTube today to do some research and saw this video entitled Police Report for Rihanna & Chris Brown. Now, I’m not much of a fan and yet I’ve heard a lot about this incident. I was curious to see what information was in this video, so I began to watch. After several minutes the ad on the bottom came up (circled in red). Not really sure where to file this...

Following the Leader: You.


Businesses don’t shape business any longer. Users do. I’m of course referring to the online world and am sure this will extend the tangible world. Some would argue this has always been the way, with businesses putting things out and then users dictating what is popular. Today’s paradigm is a little different with businesses following users examples. Examples are: Users on...



I met with Dan Burcaw, CEO and Founder of DOUBLE ENCORE, the other day and learned many many things. Back in October 2007 Dan Burcaw, was an Apple employee (on the corporate side of Apple Retail group) and was in Cupertino, California for a meeting.  He was watching a product manager for iPhone, give a demo. Somewhere during the demo he learned that Steve Jobs had released an open letter that...

Mobile Marketing Should not be Disruptive


When I think of the promise of mobile marketing and location based services I get excited and a little bit concerned.  A couple of posts down, I talked about tweeting interrupting my experience and I think the same thing could happen with mobile marketing. For example: You’re in the Tattered Cover bookstore and perusing the art section. You’re enjoying a book on Modern Rock Concert...

Google is Going to Buy Twitter


I read in TechCrunch last week that Twitter is going to be enabling search across all tweets in the near future. From this, businesses will able to enable intent marketing (a term that came up after a conversation with the CEO and founder of DOUBLE ENCORE, Dan Burcaw: interview coming soon!). With intent marketing a marketer can know what a user is looking for if/when they tweet/post about it...

Businesses on Twitter


A couple of days ago, I saw that Twitter is going to begin charging businesses for their Twitter accounts. The industry question around Twitter (and all social networking sites for that matter) has been; how are they going to monetize? Twitter is officially exploding this year and recently raised $35 million in capital. The real question is; who will follow these businesses? When Walmart put a...

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