No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Will mobile advertising ever work? I mean REALLY work.


A few months ago I posted about the impressive efficacy of iPhone ads with 50% of AdMobs traffic coming from iPhone apps which comprised 1/6th of their overall distribution. (When I asked AdMob why they thought it was so high, they mentioned a deeper level of engagement, etc. Curious to see if this trend continues.) The remaining 5/6th was from mobile sites. Recently, research has shown us that...

Twitter the political tool


We are all familiar with Twitter as a communication tool. A form of personal RSS. What has become more evident in recent months is Twitter’s ability to wield political influence. In April, the people of Moldova used Twitter to help organize their revolt. Moldovans used #pman; an acronym for Piaţa Marii Adunări Naţionale which is a large square in the capital city, to string information...

Web 2.0 for Business Success


Web 2.0 for Business Success is the title of the class I will be teaching at University of Denver this winter! I’m very excited at the opportunity to teach at my alma mater and hope that some of you will be able to sign up for the class. We will be covering the evolving online landscape from a cultural, technology and business perspective. The class will focus on getting people up to speed...

48% of all mobile phones that AT&T sells, are iPhones


I repeat: 48% of all mobile phones that AT&T sells, are iPhones. That’s what the manager told me at the AT&T store where I bought my iPhone.  He also said that Blackberry makes up 25% of their remaining sales. Those numbers are amazing when you think about it. Almost 75% of their business comes from smart phones; the iPhone being the smartest. Businesses that are holding onto the...

iPhone apps should also work in iTunes


First things first, Apple should change the name of the iTunes to iStuff, or something as equally incredibly creative as iStuff. Why would they do this? For the same reason they aren’t Apple Computer anymore. They’re just Apple; because they do more than computers. iTunes is now much more than music. As I spend more time on iTunes I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see that the...

RockMelt: A browser for Facebook


A short while ago I blogged about the increase in walled gardens online (much to Google’s dismay) with Facebook leading the way. The premise is that Facebook is becoming its own environment (much like the iPhone/app market)  and that Google doesn’t have all access to the content created within Facebook. (Facebook also offers text based advertising much the same way that Google does.)...

The iPhone; physical digital tool


Well. I finally did it. I was finally fortunate enough to buy an iPhone. I have been waiting for three things: my T-Mobile contract to expire the video camera functionality the iPhone to do all of this! While it doesn’t (yet) do everything listed in the link in number 3, I couldn’t wait any longer. I of course had to replace my wife’s old cell. If I didn’t, it would be...

When a Tweet isn’t a Tweet


I recently reviewed Twitterville by Shel Israel and in that book he mentioned the fact that Astronaut Mike Massimono did not physically Tweet from space back earlier this year. When I initially read that an astronaut was Tweeting from space, I like, most others wanted to believe that he actually pulled his mobile out (or at least his laptop) and typed up the message himself while floating miles...

Augmented Reality & QR Codes: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together


Above are graphics that are used to trigger augmented reality. The idea is to hold these up to your webcam while you’re watching yourself on your computer through a specific website and the item will come to life. (Video example below.) The first icon is from GE for their Smart Grid campaign and the second is from something Colle + McVoy are calling “Twaugmented Reality“. The...

Social Mobile Mobile Social Social Mobile


I read on TechCrunch a couple of weeks ago that 25% of Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile device. I then read this post from Merrit Colaizzi on the fact that mobile and social media are now a “hot couple”. I’m sure members of mig33 would argue that this has been true for a while but I think the point is, the mobile Internet is finally at a state where sharing items...

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