No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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The future of mobile advertising belongs to. . . .


With the acquisition of AdMob, most would believe that mobile advertising will belong to Google. (Heck without the acquisition, people thought they had it in the bag.) Google now has a massive amount of competitive information about Apple’s in-app ad serving, which is currently, very successful. Google has owned the most potent form of mobile advertising which is search based and sees...

I don’t want to be like an Aye-aye


With respect to an iPhone and how you hold it, it’s important to remember: vertical = camera/phone call horizontal = data I’ve been very surprised at the number of apps that don’t rotate the screen to allow the user to hold the device so that the majority of the screen can be utilized for data entry/content manipulation. The iPhone is a data-driven device and it interrupts the...

Lotame partners with users for social advertising (video)


I’ve been talking about businesses partnering with users on advertising many moons and found a business that does just this on social networks. They are called Lotame (low-ta-mee) and I mentioned them in an earlier post this week. I have included a video that describes the service. Sounds amazing and they offer some free reports here. Would love to know what users think. Would also like to...

O iPhone-only-social-network, where at thou?


Why is there no iPhone-only social network? Nothing against iRovr but their traffic doesn’t look very compelling. Michael Arrington wrote a pretty good piece about this back in February of 2008. His focus was on iPhone users finding each other via GPS and triangulation. This is the kind of service that Brightkite offers although I’m unaware of an “iPhone users only”...

The many flavors of advertising


So there I was. Minding my own business, when I was asked by a friend, what contextual advertising was. I politely explained the concept and this of course lead to a much larger discussion. So I decided to write up this little advertising map. (This is of course advertising according to me and is therefore subject to scrutiny.) Hope this helps. You know who you are . . . Contextual – This...

Twitter lists: another building block of the niche social network


I saw a tweet this morning from @kim about a search engine for Twitter lists. It’s aptly named List Browser and was created by Dave Winer. For those of you that haven’t heard of Twitter lists yet, they’re a way of organizing the people that you follow. The hopes is that you will categorize your contacts into categories, thus allowing others to follow the list all with one click...

Behold Distimo!


I discovered a great resource for tracking analytics across arguably the three primary app stores; Apple, BlackBerry and Android. The company is called Distimo and is based out of the Netherlands. They were founded in May of this year, have four employees and among other things, produce a free monthly report. Some of this months insights are: The average price for apps on BlackBerry App World is...

Excellent post by Rich Goidel


A friend forwarded me this post, entitled Go-to-market Paradigm from Rich Goidel today. It’s an excellent description of where marketing is today. I don’t say this often. Not sure I’ve said it yet. This is a must read — so go now!

Google Kills Garmin & TomTom (video)


After watching this video you will be excited about what Google Maps Navigation can do for you — for free if you have one of their new phones. Then you’ll feel sad for the kids at Garmin and TomTom because of the dump their valuations took. But don’t feel too bad, one of those companies will most likely be Apple’s next partner, to enable Apple to compete with this amazing...

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