No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Business methods on Twitter must evolve with Google real time search


If you’ve used Twitter for any length of time, you’ve realized that Twitter’s strength is that it’s conversational. People pepper their conversations on Twitter with explanatory items and descriptions but keep it conversational to appeal to those they’re talking to. People optimizing content for Google enter data points that hopefully connect them with the...

Google makes location real time with QR codes


I recently went to Google Maps to search for a costume store near us. (Insert joke about me dressing up as a somewhat less-than-superhero, here.) I was surprised and happy to see that there was a link encouraging people to ‘Check out how to use your phone an QR codes‘. For those of you that are unfamiliar with QR codes,  I posted about them here and then talked about the opportunity...

Transparency killed MySpace


I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about how she was “leaving” her MySpace account. The only thing left that she liked was the music service but had other sources for that. She also said she was “growing out” of her MySpace persona. I’ve never had a MySpace account and this comment made no sense to me. She then explained that MySpace, for most, was...

A day in the life with my iPhone and a mobile search white paper from Taptu


I’ve just finished reading a white paper by Taptu entitled Exploring the Touch-Friendly Web by Peggy Ann Salz of mSearchGroove. In it, she outlines how a student uses his iPhone during the course of the day and it made me think about how I use the device. I didn’t think of myself as a super user but after reading it, I may in fact be labeled as such. Below is my story and I’m...

Mobilizing your Brand


This post was originally featured as a guest post on think (here). I put it together for a good friend of mine, Jason Markow (@jmarkow). His blog focuses on helping entrepreneurs. The content of the post is based on a lecture I’ll be giving at the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association on January 13th. (I’ll post the details when they have them up on their site.) Enjoy! Just in...

iPhone vs. Android


There has been a lot of hype around the Android release and Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was quoted as saying that Android was “about to explode”. Sounds great, but . . . I have to lived through the “Linux on the desktop” hype so it’s really hard to imagine that Android or BlackBerry will ever really give Apple a run for their money. In the end, I believe that...

NEWS FLASH! Typing on a handheld device sucks


Saw this video on TechCrunch the other day and aside from the fact that they should have found someone who could type on an iPhone, I was surprised this is still a point of conversation. When people talk about making the device easier to use they are speaking about input. Typing on a mobile device sucks. Don’t care if it’s a Blackberry or an iPhone. The output is what matters. A user...

Can Facebook avoid becoming the next AOL?


For the younger readers, AOL was is this company that focused on providing the Internet with training wheels. They utilized what was something called “dial-up” (Internet via your phone line) and would send you a seemingly endless stream of CDs (those little circular things that play music and sometimes have software on them), to get you to sign up. (Thye sent them to you in the mail...

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