No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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How do objects become social?


Social objects are any reason for two people to be talking according to Hugh MacLeod. (Great definition and for marketing purposes let’s focus on products/services.) A social object could be the Puma shoes you built using their Mongolian BBQ. It could be Comcast’s customer service on Twitter. It could a snowboard or an iPhone. All these are all shared online (and off). Does this mean...

ITEC 4700: Class 2 – Conceptual Model cont’d


Class last night was good. We ran through the conceptual model (four tiers of increasing engagement) I developed to define the relationships that businesses can have with customers online. The questions were good and we reviewed the need for SEO. At the end of class we had a conversation about their businesses and how deep down the model, they felt they could get while thinking about what types...

Will Android apps live in the clouds?


As you all know, Google’s Nexus one was released Tuesday and as I read the review on Engadget, I noticed that there is only as 1g of memory. The only explanation for this that I can think of is that Android apps will at some point be essentially shells with the meat of the application living in the cloud. Of course this would only be possible if connectivity is virtually guaranteed. (This...

ITEC 4700: Class 1 – Conceptual Model


I taught my first class at Daniels College of Business last night. (Web 2.0 for Business Success.) It was awesome and I had a good time. I’ve got a tremendous group of students with a diverse set of interests. We scratched the surface of the artist formerly known as Web 2.0 and then walked through the evolution to the Internet since businesses first entered the fray. We also installed...

Two flavors of augmented reality and how you can use them


I’ve posted about the two types of augmented reality shown in the videos below. I wanted to talk about how you can/will be able to use these in the near future. First; the examples. This is an example of an augmented reality browser. As you can see there is information associated with a physical item and when viewed through the smart phone’s camera, via the browser, information is...

Will Google include Twitter Lists in PageRank?


When Twitter Lists was introduced it made sense solely based on organizing those you follow and I’ve also posted about the lists being the foundation for niche social networks. Currently I’m fortunate enough to be on 4 lists. @TheNextWeb/tech-bloggers-and-journos @AMauiBlog/social-media @jmarkow/worth-following @B2Bbloggers/socialmedia As I look at these lists I believe that Google...

What can Avatar teach us about timing?


It’s late. It’s 1:32 am and I just got back from seeing Avatar. (If I need to tell you what Avatar is, you may want to just dip your toes into popular culture a little deeper.) I can’t sleep. As you’ve heard, the movie is amazing. I’ve heard it described as the Star Wars of this generation. I didn’t think of it that way. Yes the special effects were amazing and...

For sales: Twitter is networking, blogging is the follow-up call


I had yet another conversation that started with, “I don’t get Twitter”. Fortunately (for me) the conversation ended with an, “Oh. I get it.” The analogy I used for this person (who’s in sales: aren’t we all?) is that it is best to think of Twitter as networking, except that it’s a one to many model. By Tweeting about what your business is doing for...

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