No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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What product means today


I recently posted about Retail 2.0 and the impact the convergence of real world and digital world will have on retail products. Examples of this convergence are QR codes, augmented reality; browsers and “the other flavor” and things like SixthSense. These examples and how they’re applied are bridging the gap between digital and physical. Businesses that create products have been...

ITEC 4700: Class 15 – Twitterville


Tuesday two students presented Shel Israel’s book, Twitterville. They did a great job and took a deep dive into the lessons learned covered in our Twitter class. In hindsight, next time I’ll have the Twitterville presentation and the Twitter class coincide. Seems like common sense but I wanted to get to Twitter earlier than later since it is an important marketing engine and...

ITEC 4700: Class 14 – Social Mobile


Thursday we talked about one of my favorite attributes of social media; mobile. This field is growing by leaps and bounds and provides some of the most compelling marketing opportunities. The first thing we did was talk about  existing technologies that enable location based offerings to be possible. Loki (by Skyhook) – The technology behind Brightkite’s location detection Geominder...

Distimo releases its monitoring tool


Today was a good day. I got to talk to Vincent Hoogsteder of DISTIMO (@DISTIMO). They’re a company that I posted about two months ago and after reading there most recent report on the status of “all things application store” I thought it would be good to get them on the phone and talk about what they do and how they came to be. Just in case you don’t want to read my original post: DISTIMO...

Moderate, in moderation please


So . . . I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and was recently reading one of his posts about the Hudson Valley episode. In the episode (video below) he sits down with one of my other favorite people; Bill Murray. The focus of his post is a funny incident after the cameras were done rolling. It really is worth reading even if you’re not a fan. He’s an excellent writer (and has many...

ITEC 4700: Class 13 – Personal Branding


We discussed personal branding last night and its importance as the walls between customer and business become less distinct. We reviewed the birth of the concept and the evolution from self-improvement to self-packaging. It’s important to select a professional direction and not necessarily a final destination. Remain flexible in your career goals. When building your personal brand it is...

Prepare to negotiate


When I posted Retail 2.0 I was asked several times (in person; not sure why some are afraid to comment) what I thought the end result of all that information, technology was for the retailer and my answer was; prepare to negotiate. Most of us in the US of A don’t negotiate unless we’re buying large products. We simply go to the check out counter and hand them the card. Now that...

ITEC 4700: Class 12 – iPhone


Thursday we reviewed the iPhone and how it could impact social media. That is to say that it hasn’t yet although it has experienced tremendous growth and some claim it is behind Twitter’s explosion. It’s the device that’s driving the smartphone explosion in the United States and could be behind the growing number of those accessing social networks via mobile devices...

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