Link to Google’s version of mobile product search

I recently posted about location based search soon becoming product enabled in the near future. AND then I found this from this little company called Google. Fast forward to 19:15 and behold, an example of what I described. Enjoy!

Link to Be a local with Aloqa (video)

Aloqa is another great example of personalized location based services. Enjoy!

I recently met with a business that was looking for a Director of Digital Opportunities and being a HUGE fan of vague/ethereal titles (no really), I was most interested in the”digital” part of the title. As I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, there is enormous collision going on between the online world and …

Great information in here from one of the best; TrendsSpotting. View more presentations from Taly Weiss.

Link to Indoor mapping service Micello (video)

People tend to think of mapping as it relates to the outdoors. As you can see from my recent posts, mapping has anything to do with point A and point B. Enjoy the video!

I’m on the list! I have an iPad on reserve and very soon I will stand in a long line with many others to get what can only be called the most anticipated piece of computing since . . . well . . . since the iPhone! I’ve also been playing games on my iPhone …

Link to Placecast’s location based service demo (video)

Here is a location based service my grandmother would understand. Enjoy the video!

I’ve been reading up on the latest methods of location determination (LD for those that love acronyms) and I have to say that if mobile is going to get to the level of detail it needs to be, we’re going to have to employ better methods (and maybe technologies) that allow the users precision. I’ll …

Link to Webinar on retail going mobile (video)

Kathryn Koegel, President of Primary Impact Research and Placecast hosted a webinar on the 18th. Enjoy the video!

Well, if you haven’t heard about the explosion that is taking place in location related services, you just haven’t been paying attention. (I almost said you haven’t been in the right place. But I restrained myself.) I will attempt to summarize most of what’s going on currently. First let’s talk about money. We all like …