No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Mobile Marketing Class: Day 1 – Overview


Tonight was the first night of my mobile marketing class. I’ve got 14 students and many of them are VERY sharp. Before class even began I heard students discussing Flipboard and Instagram. A very good sign indeed! This is the first time mobile marketing class offered by Daniels and I feel honored to be teaching it. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that...

Global map of social networking 2011


I know this is sooooo last year but I found this map/infographic and it feels like you’re looking at a 3D image without having the glasses on so it hurts the eyes, BUT it has some great information. (For those of you who read this blog with 3D glasses, you’re probably getting more out of this post than any other post before. Also, I hope you don’t run around wearing those things...

Happy Holidays!


I’m going to take some time off and will be back on the 3rd of January. I hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday filled with big expensive gifts and snowboarding!

Additional ways to contextualize maps


If you’ve read this blog for any length of time (and I hope you have and If you have I owe you $5), you know that I love maps. I believe that maps are incredible ways to show information and could be a great way to know someone. I’m  a huge fan of using Google Maps on the iPhone to find good what I’m looking for. The accuracy is amazing and getting better in the rural areas...

What does Facebook know about Max Schrems of Vienna? (video)


I think of privacy like I think of the tooth fairy. I believed it existed when I was younger but then I grew up and realized that there really is no such thing. (Maybe I can put some money under my pillow for some privacy!) It looks like Max Schrems is on his way to figuring this out and maybe he’ll get all of his information. Enjoy!

Dennis Crowley of Foursquare at Le Web (video)


I didn’t see it (since I’m unfortunately not in Paris) but I guess the CEO of Forrester proclaimed Foursquare dead at Le Web. This is an interview from the WSJ right after the incident. (I don’t believe Foursquare is dead but I do think that now the masses are joining that their target audience has changed.)

What does the post-PC era mean? (video)


People have been talking about us entering a post-PC era for a while. With the rise of the smartphone and the iPad, it’s finally happening but it and it doesn’t mean that the PC is dead. It simply means that the PC will be the primary device for work while the smartphone will be for computing “in the wild”. The iPad will be the true personal computing device – on...

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