With the rise of mobile powered commerce, brick and mortar stores now have a distinct advantage. When I say mobile powered commerce I mean. Mobile commerce – $4 billion for eBay this year Mobile transactions – buying something in the store with your mobile phone. Square or Google Wallet are great examples Social Commerce – Click …

Link to Google’s GoMo helps small business get on zee mobile

I was inspired by the piece below by Hugh MacLeod and felt it was even more poignant after watching this video fromThomas Friedman on his new book That Used to be Us. (Can’t wait to read it.) Enjoy!

Link to Phantom Water Edit by Chris Bryan

I’m a huge fan of PSKF and I’m also a member of their expert network, The Purplelist. I was asked a great question today by Scott Lachut and thought I’d share it because events and fans are some of these most exciting aspects of the emerging mobile market: Recently listened to an interview with Ticketmaster CEO Nathan …

Link to Anthony Bourdain’s: The Layover (video)

Interesting to see that the focus of Anthony Bourdain’s new show is to highlight what you should do in specific locations if you only had 24 hours there. Sounds a lot like microblogging via Twitter or Tumblr or micro-surveys via JetJaw. Either way, looking forward to the show. Enjoy!

Link to QR code generates animated tattoo

As of a year ago, I imagined people walking around with QR codes on t-shirts to allow others to see the online side of themselves. (I still need to order mine.) I also imagined QR tattoos but thought it would be years away. I was WRONG! Enjoy!

Link to The history of the iPhone and more (video)
Link to Amazing iPhone 4S video

I stole this video from The Denver Egotist. It’s a great example of the amazing quality of the iPhone 4S video. Try full screen. (It’s even better if you plug your ears.) Enjoy! Benjamin Dowie on Vimeo.

Yesterday I had the chance to sit down with the Mark Salsberry, CEO of JetJaw. We had a great conversation and did some futuring. The kind that makes me excited for the time we live in. I started with the most obvious question I could think of; where did the name JetJaw come from? “JetJaw …