Currently the 31% of all mobile users in the US have a smartphone. Just in case you weren’t going to do the math; that leaves a staggering 70% of the market with feature phones. Or as some of my friends call them; dumb phones. I think there is an enormous misconception that once the remainder …

Howard Schultz is the CEO of this little coffee company called Starbucks. You may have heard of them . . I got to see him speak last night at Daniels College of Business, Voices of Experience Series and I wanted to share what I heard. He’s in the process of promoting his new book Onward and I …

I’ve registered and I can’t wait!

Link to QR code enabled resume (video)

Excellent use of QR code to personalize a resume. Enjoy!

Link to I need a LunaTik (video)

I haven’t worn a watch since I got my first mobile phone and I may have to go back. Take a look at this!

If you’re unfamiliar with the the concept of PageRank . . . then go here for a detailed explanation. To woefully oversimplify, PageRank is the method with which Google determines which sites are returned in what order when search for something. Currently PageRank is a complex combination of your site content (optimized & fresh) + inbound links …


Link to The Facebook Project (video)

@VenessaMiemis and @AlvisBrigis are creating a series of video interviews talking to some very smart people about  the future of Facebook. More information about the project here.

The presenter talks a little too much but it’s interesting to see how approachable Mr. Crowley comes across.