Link to The Facebook Project (video)

@VenessaMiemis and @AlvisBrigis are creating a series of video interviews talking to some very smart people about  the future of Facebook. More information about the project here.

The presenter talks a little too much but it’s interesting to see how approachable Mr. Crowley comes across.

Link to A great video about everywhere computing

This video was created by Corning (Yep. The “the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics”), to show their investors how they envision glass playing a key role in tomorrow’s technology. This is a very cool video and I’d like this reality now. Enjoy!

Last week I posted about the future of websites as essentially being a database sending data out to a businesses outposts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc and then I posted about businesses who have brick and mortar outlets having a distinct advantage over purely online businesses. This got me thinking about what a website with …

Link to Earn karma points with Localmind (video)

I saw this tweeted from @scobleizer during SXSW. Downloaded it and it looks interesting. Enjoy!

Back in the day, online businesses claimed they had a strategic advantage over brick & mortar businesses because of the reduction in overhead and their ability to sell to anyone in the world. Think Amazon. With the rise of location based marketing, brick and mortar may now have the upper hand. As of today, unless …

Link to NFC + RFID = Much Coolness (video)

Near Field Communications combined with Radio Frequency Identification make for a pretty exciting in-store experience. Enjoy!

Established behavior + niche need = successful business I’ve uttered this equation several hundred times over the past few years and I look for these qualities in every business model I review. In the fall of 2009 Brian was at a Phoenix concert in Phoenix. As the concert started, he looked around and saw hundreds …