Link to Utilize the landscape you’re in (video)

Are you B2B/B2C, product/service and/or online/brick & mortar with an online presence? No matter what you are, it’s important to be adept in the business landscape you occupy. You must remain agile and creative. This video embodies the needs of today’s business landscape. Enjoy!

You could probably eat these things if you had to but I wouldn’t try it. Happy Thanksgiving!

Link to The Mobile Music Industry (video)

This is a great infographic from Flowtown and get’s us one step closer to knowing the mobile influencer.

Link to 6th grader, Thomas Suarez talks about creating apps (TEDx video)

This kind of thing always makes you feel like you’re just not trying hard enough. Enjoy!

So, I’ve had a couple of conversations with people that have spoken with one of the founders of Foursquare. The general feeling they’ve come away with is “low grade frustration”. They can’t figure out how to get people to use Foursquare; more. At 15 million users, this problem, at it’s worst, is known as Foursquare …

Link to Lyrical nonsense

As a young man I had a love for music with a visceral yet structural sense. Music that made you feel like you’d gotten on a train and traveled quite a distance by the end of the song. The thing that was not important to me was lyrics. Bands like Talking Heads and Bob Dylan, …

Link to Graffiti Wars 2011

I’ve posted about Bansky in the past and used some of his pieces in my posts. A friend of mine recommended this documentary and it’s fascinating. I love niche cultures in an anthropological sense. Enjoy!

I recently went to a blog that I hadn’t been to in a long time. Not because they’re less relevant. I’ve just been busy. At first the site appeared as it always has. Good content with ads running amok down the right hand side of the screen. It took a minute but I finally realized …