No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Mobile Marketing Class: Day 13 – iPad


Tonight, we talked about the phenomenon known as the iPad. We started off by trying to define what the iPad is. Is it a mobile device? Is it a game changer or a fad? You know . . . like the Internet was a fad. Or water is a fad. We decided (or at least I did), it’s NOT a mobile device. People are not walking around taking pictures of things without looking like a real dork. Making a call on...

Hurdles for Social Commerce (infographic)


I don’t classify selling items on social networks as social commerce – it’s more distribution – but there are some good suggestions in here to get us over the issues (some that look like old Internet qualms). If you’re wondering, I think of social commerce as this.

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 12 – Location & Mobile Commerce


Tonight we finished up the conversation around location and then reviewed mobile commerce. We covered Foursquare and how to claim your location and create deals last class, so this time we finished up with Google Places and Facebook Places. The Google Places process is clear and self explanatory while the Facebook process is somewhat of a challenge. For Facebook places you need to complete the...

Prius concept bike from Deeplocal (video)


Check out this great example of the marriage between man (or woman) and machine from @deeplocal. They refer to themselves as a “post-digital shop” creating remarkable experiences that bridge the online and physical worlds. Just like the Likebelt post below, we are seeing a #COLLISION between the physical world and the digital world. Very exciting!

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 11 – “Social Mobile Location” Marketing


Tonight we discussed social, mobile and location as it relates to marketing. We first established the fact that with ~16 million users, Foursquare has completed the holy trinity when it comes to social media. Facebook  = Who you are Twitter – What you’re doing/going to do Foursquare – Where you are (That in no way means that there aren’t more things to focus on as...

LinkedIn or Facebook for B2B? (infographic)


This is an interesting infographic and there are two things that really stand out as critical to the argument. People do not shut off business thinking when on Facebook. Uh . . . maybe . . . Why do B2B businesses advertise during sporting events? Good point but I’m not sure that watching TV and interacting with a brand on Facebook is a truly a one-to-one. Plus, I’m not sure that B2B...

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