Link to QR code enabled resume (video)

Excellent use of QR code to personalize a resume. Enjoy!

Link to I need a LunaTik (video)

I haven’t worn a watch since I got my first mobile phone and I may have to go back. Take a look at this!

If you’re unfamiliar with the the concept of PageRank . . . then go here for a detailed explanation. To woefully oversimplify, PageRank is the method with which Google determines which sites are returned in what order when search for something. Currently PageRank is a complex combination of your site content (optimized & fresh) + inbound links …


Link to The Facebook Project (video)

@VenessaMiemis and @AlvisBrigis are creating a series of video interviews talking to some very smart people about  the future of Facebook. More information about the project here.

The presenter talks a little too much but it’s interesting to see how approachable Mr. Crowley comes across.

Link to A great video about everywhere computing

This video was created by Corning (Yep. The “the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics”), to show their investors how they envision glass playing a key role in tomorrow’s technology. This is a very cool video and I’d like this reality now. Enjoy!

Last week I posted about the future of websites as essentially being a database sending data out to a businesses outposts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc and then I posted about businesses who have brick and mortar outlets having a distinct advantage over purely online businesses. This got me thinking about what a website with …

Link to Earn karma points with Localmind (video)

I saw this tweeted from @scobleizer during SXSW. Downloaded it and it looks interesting. Enjoy!