One of the biggest/best things I heard at the #BigBoulder Conference at the end of June was the idea that location is the lynch pin for all data. This, of course was offered up by the guys from @Esri, and it got me thinking. Location for me has always been more than a dot on …

Link to The Facebook Project: Environment (video)

Here is the last video in the series. To see what you may have missed click here for a list of all the videos.

Link to The Facebook Project: Technology (video)

I lost track of this project but here is one of the last two videos. Great stuff. Enjoy!

Social is not something you do; it’s something you are. Or in the case of many CEOs, it’s something they aren’t. CEOs of the future are going to look very different. I think they’ll have started as product managers with a knack for online interaction.¬†(This video/infographic is based on stats from¬†this report.)

Link to Simplify your app coding process with PhoneGap (video)

I’ve been hearing some good things about @PhoneGap. Enjoy!

Link to Irrive; A Social Scrapbook for Life’s Adventures

@irrive looks like a great way to experientially map out your trip using images from Instagram/Flickr, check-ins on Foursquare and Tweets. (The system also creates a very cool video but there is no way to embed it.)

Link to Alien augmented reality
Link to Take the Leap

Check out this physical interface from @LeapMotion

Link to 24 hours of geo-located Tweets in Manhattan

This data visualization was created by @jeffclark