I was in a LEGOs’ store today and was wishing I was 10 again. Not that you need an excuse to enjoy yourself with kids toys but it sorta helps. It was amazing how busy the store was and made me feel like I’d wandered into the Apple store. As I watched my son assemble …

Link to Tap into your inner DJ with Samplr
Link to Memoto will give you photographic memory (video)

Memoto is a pretty cool idea AND a Kickstarter project! I’d definitely wear it when I was traveling. The real value will come when I can trigger it using my Google (project) Glass(es). (Yes. The Apple version will be called iGlasses.) Enjoy!

Link to Rachel Botsman on Trust and the new economy (TED Talk)
Link to Think TV 2020 Vision Series Two – Episode 4: The Evolution of Advertising (video)

Take a look at this related story from ARS Technica – How to get targeted ads on your TV? Try a camera in your set-top box.

Link to Checkout Popcorn Maker (video)

Popcorn Maker is a great idea and gets us one step closer to interactive TV. Great time to be alive!

Link to @davidedelman of McKinsey on social, local, mobile data (video)

Nice video from @davidedelman of McKinsey on social, local & mobile data.

Link to Mini Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about the iPad Mini since its release and plan on getting one as soon as possible. I wasn’t one of the skeptics when I first heard about it nor was I optimistic. I was pretty neutral and after watching the video on Apple there was something about the scale that …

Link to RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms (video)

Many of us who teach have been having these thoughts for quite some time . . .

Link to MIT algorithm can predict which Twitter topics will trend (video)