Last week I was lecturing to my class on the importance of personal brands in the digital age. This is a lecture I’ve given numerous times before, with an emphasis on transparency and passion. Let them know who you really are without getting too personal Passion is what gets work done I had them look …

Link to What the Internet is doing to our brains (video)

In regards to how your brain works, the Internet is a completely new paradigm for gathering/processing information. This video puts things in perspective. Enjoy!

Link to Awesome commercial from Nokia (video)

This is an awesome commercial for the Nokia Lumina 920. One of my students has this phone and I have to say that I was shocked at how cool the Windows interface is. (Not yet struck by lightening.) It is one of the coolest interfaces I’ve seen. A great combination of usability and branding. Enjoy!

Link to Creativity on Vine

With the world becoming more bitesize (think Twitter, Instagram, Reeses bites, business plans, online product demos) we will become more challenged to deliver compelling content that’s been compressed. This is a great example of what can be done in six seconds! Enjoy.

Link to Fujitsu’s real world – virtual world collision (video)

This is a much different tact than most companies take on the future where every surface is an interface. (See Corning’s take here) This would be a less expensive option. Enjoy!

Link to Seat to Seat by Virgin America

Two years ago, I wrote an open letter to Sir Richard Branson congratulating him on the launch of Virgin America’s in-flight entertainment system. I did this because it was for the most part, exactly what we had designed under the brand Cockpit6 back in the early 2000s. (click here.) It seems as thought he finally …

Link to Big Data (video)

Some amazing stats and food for thought on Big Data.

A student sent this to me. Interesting to see where Apple makes/spends most of its money.  

Just in case you were confused: Facebook is an advertising company. Facebook used to be a social media company but now that they serve a different master – namely businesses that advertise – they’re an advertising company. Facebook is also a data company. They arguably know more about you that than the federal government. (In fact the …

Link to Friend or Follow out of beta!

I really like Friend or Follow to help manage my social networkings. You should check them out!