Link to Kano powered by Rasberry Pi (video)

I think it’s fascinating to see how tech is evolving. It’s going to be in everything and it will be incredibly affordable. Kano – powered by  Rasberry Pi is a great example. Enjoy!

Link to Put the Smarty Ring on (video)

This is an interesting idea. I can see wearing a Smarty Ring in certain situations. I have this image of me with my Google Glasses on. Airo on one wrist and an iWatch on the other. I’m Batman!!!

CEO of Gnip, @chrismoodycom recently spoke to Bloomberg about social data and what businesses are currently looking for. Enjoy!

The internet has definitely shifted from being a document-based environment to a media rich organism. This infographic show our progress in a timeline. Enjoy!

Link to Coin: A card for all cards! (video)

Behold @coin! Yes. This is the same guy that did the product demo for Square. I’m beginning to believe he’s reason for their success. Watch this and then pay them $55! Enjoy! via @drewlawrence

I was helping one of my students study for the final exam today. We were reviewing my slides and I define the mobile web as being informational while I classify mobile applications as being experiential. He then asked me for an example and I gave the following example. Business model: Boardlife Mobile site: The site would feature the …

Link to Flexible, high definition screens from CAAC-OS (video)

For those of you that think this is simply a gimmick; you’re not alone. But this article by Forbes lists some of the benefits. Enjoy!

Link to AIRO – A wearable health monitor (video)

I really want to believe AIRO works. I think this type of transparency can improves everyone’s life.

Link to Tweet a Starbucks Coffee (video)

This is not that surprising after Square’s announcement that you can email money. Enjoy!

Link to Eric Berlow and Sean Gourley: Mapping ideas worth spreading (video)

Even if you’re not a data geek, you have to love this. Enjoy!