I was recently in a meeting where someone said they were now going to “design for mobile first and then simply expand to larger screens“. This is one of those things that sounds smart but the more you think about it, it’s really foolish. This leads …

Link to Marshall Davis Jones – Touchscreen (video)

This is an awesome bit of slam poetry. Enjoy!

Link to Still not exactly sure what iBeacon is? (video)

This is a good simple explanation of what iBeacon is. Enjoy!

Link to 30th anniversary of the Mac: 1.24.14 (video)

This video was shot around the world on one day – 1.24.14 – using iPhones only in celebration of the Mac’s 30th anniversary. Enjoy! via @LaughingSquid

Link to Introducing Facebook Paper (video)

If you use Flipboard or Pulse, Facebook Paper will feel painfully similar. Except I assume you can only get content from Facebook. #walledGarden

Link to Google Chrome + Legos (video)

Go here to try it out!  (via @JessicaRLinder)

Link to iWatch concept from Todd Hamilton (video)

Check out this iWatch Concept from Todd Hamilton. It’s pretty sick!

Link to Ajax Social Wipes (video)

Hate Fan-gating? Try Ajax Social Wipes!

Link to John Stossel and the enemies of innovation (video)

This video highlights the struggle that disruptive start-ups face. I’d like to think that services like Lyft and Uber will win, but never underestimate the power of business/govt. Enjoy! Update: I just saw this post on why NYNY hates the sharing economy.

Link to Perch your merch (video)

Perch is an interactive display technology that allows you to create some  amazing micro-experiences for your customers. Can you imagine the possibilities if the system had your data  – customer loyalty, buyer behavior, social product sentiment. That would be amazing! Enjoy! via @myTripst3r