Aggregation – Back in the day there was this thing called RSS, which stood for Really Simple Syndication. It was a way of getting a list of all the content that a site created in one easy to read list. Yep. It’s still around. There’s one in the upper right hand corner of this site. Curation – …

I found this on Imgur and thought I would share it. I love Banksy this little piece definitely sums up what people find important these days. Repeat after me, “I must resonate.” I did an experiment about a year ago with my Instagram account. I had about 100 photos and 100 obligatory likes from friends …

$19 billion!??!?!?!!? That’s what I first thought when I heard about the WhatsApp acquisition and to be quite honest – I’m still thinking that. How in the hell are you going to monetize a messaging service?!!?!?  You can’t charge for it? It’s free now and the barriers to leave the service are nonexistent. (500k users left …

Link to Behold Tiles! (video)

I love the Tiles concept and the only thing I wish it would do is pull it up on a map instead of waiting for other community members be contacted. Enjoy!

Link to Google’s Project Tango (video)

Please take a look at this. Project Tango could solve many problems for location-based marketing (and others). I’ll post some thoughts later. Enjoy!

Link to Refresh me (video)

Refresh is an app that provides an amazing level of social context to any social situation. I love the tag line, You’ll never talk about the weather again. Enjoy!

Link to Are you an Upstart (video)

This model makes all kinds of sense, because when you invest in a startup, you’re really investing in the people first and the model second. Enjoy!

Link to A UI for cars (video)

Apple’s next frontiers are homes, health and cars. This is an amazing UI created by @matthaeus and is something Tesla should buy before they get bought by Apple. Enjoy!

Link to TweetCity (video)

This is what happens when #geoData geeks are on Twitter! @urschrei and @en_topia created a map of London where the buildings grew based on the number of Tweets that are generated from them. Enjoy!

So if you saw the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, you probably saw the fifth ring of the olympic logo fail to open. Not a great moment in Russian history. Then a few days later, the image below emerged. Many marketers thought, “They did it again! Someone newsjacked the olympics just as …