Link to IKEA’s bookbook

This is pretty funny.

Link to Nixie – A wearable drone

I love this but you may be asking yourself, “What would I do with this?” Not sure about you but . . . I would have it follow me down the slopes when I snowboard – recording the joy!

Link to Alan Schaaf and breaking outside of your friends list
Link to OpenStreetMap turns 10

OpenStreetMap is 10 years old! I can’t believe it’s been that long . . . Here is some eye candy -which I believe shows how the data was mapped out over time. (At least that is what I chose to believe.) Enjoy!

Link to Apple – MacBook Air Sticker Commercial (video)
Link to Her

No. This is not a post about an ex-girlfriend. And I’m not sure if a spoiler alert is needed. :) So I finally got to see the Spike Jonze movie Her and I have to tell you, they did an amazing job! You start by thinking, “How could anyone fall in love with an OS? That’s stupid!” and when I …


There are some  compelling items in this video. Some of my favorites are: The concept of the campaign is and has been deconstructing. It’s not about promoting a product you need to move. It’s more about the conversation you’re having with your customers and providing them exactly what they need. (This is no small task.) The …

Link to ScratchJr: An iPad app that teaches your 6-8 year old how to code (video)

There is a comment in this video that I firmly believe and have been saying in my classes for the past 5 years. Computer programing or coding is a like a new form of writing. A new type of literacy. This same sentiment came form @photomatt, founder or WordPress (amongst others) when he said that scripting was the …

Link to Wall-E + EVE = JIBO (video)

So . . . this is very interesting. They wanted to raise $100,000 and with 23 days left, they’ve raised $1,104,109 on Indiegogo. As Google expands it’s data-based business, expect it to acquire this company quickly. Nest is a joke compared to this when it comes to data collection.

I just received this email from Foursquare. I have mixed feelings about this but I respect their decision to listen to the data (aka their users.) Love the new logo! Hi Michael, About five years ago, we launched a little app called Foursquare. As one of the first million people to sign up for Foursquare, you’ve …