Great video on Media Stacking from @simonmainwaring of We First. Enjoy!

This isn’t the same woman from the Obrit Gum commercial but it sounds a lot like her. “Dirty Mouth? – No. Cool TV from IKEA!” Enjoy!

More information about this project can be found here g.co/projectglass. Think augmented reality + smartphone interface(s) into a pair of glasses. Cool stuff. Enjoy!

Project Glass by Google (video)

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Rob Reid on the $8 billion iPod

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It’s funny to think of @foursquare as old school but @highlight is definitely new school. I love the idea of passive discovery Highlight provides.

I’ve posted several times over the last 4+ years about Starbucks. I gave them some advice when they were struggling, acknowledged some backpedaling and recently advised them to offer up their locations as office space, since so many of us work out of them. I also have noticed something recently. Their brand is seemingly 100% …

Starbucks: The mobile influencer lab

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Orphion is an iPad app created by Bastus Trump as a part of his masters thesis at the University of Arts Berlin. I’ve been in love with the apps that Smule has created and feel like we are moving towards a new set of instruments, based on the strengths of the touchscreen. Smule’s Zephyr is one …

A designer named Chris McNicholl has created a park bench that tweets images of the people that sit on it @tweetingseat. Yet another playful example of the collision between the digital and the physical worlds.

The TweetingSeat (video)

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