An awesome “ad” from TNT via @chancyk. Enjoy!

Amazing TNT ad (video)

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These stats on Pinterest have been featured in numerous infographics and now you don’t have to read! You can just sit back and watch . . .Enjoy!

If you’ve read Goodnight Moon more than 3000 times, as I have, you’ll like this video and the book. Enjoy!

Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd

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Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy talks about the future of TV, advertising and social media. I like his comment on “personalized communication” at 5:08 and how much he hates it. What’s funny is that personalized experiences will become the norm. Soon, if something isn’t specifically for me, it will be seen as a failure. (Think …

Great video on Media Stacking from @simonmainwaring of We First. Enjoy!

This isn’t the same woman from the Obrit Gum commercial but it sounds a lot like her. “Dirty Mouth? – No. Cool TV from IKEA!” Enjoy!

More information about this project can be found here g.co/projectglass. Think augmented reality + smartphone interface(s) into a pair of glasses. Cool stuff. Enjoy!

Project Glass by Google (video)

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