Orphion is an iPad app created by Bastus Trump as a part of his masters thesis at the University of Arts Berlin. I’ve been in love with the apps that Smule has created and feel like we are moving towards a new set of instruments, based on the strengths of the touchscreen. Smule’s Zephyr is one …

A designer named Chris McNicholl has created a park bench that tweets images of the people that sit on it @tweetingseat. Yet another playful example of the collision between the digital and the physical worlds.

The TweetingSeat (video)

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I’m really curious to see my kids interact with this. Enjoy!

Pavlov loves GranataPet (video)

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Very simple yet powerful concept from @cheers_app. Try it out!

Check out this great example of the marriage between man (or woman) and machine from @deeplocal. They refer to themselves as a “post-digital shop” creating remarkable experiences that bridge the online and physical worlds. Just like the Likebelt post below, we are seeing a #COLLISION between the physical world and the digital world. Very exciting!

I’ve finally go this configured and I’m geeking OUT!!

EpicMix 2012 (video)

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Corning is back and they’ve created an updated video outlining the future of everywhere computing as they see it. Here is the original video.

A day made of glass 2 (video)

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