Popcorn Maker is a great idea and gets us one step closer to interactive TV. Great time to be alive!

Checkout Popcorn Maker (video)

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Nice video from @davidedelman of McKinsey on social, local & mobile data.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the iPad Mini since its release and plan on getting one as soon as possible. I wasn’t one of the skeptics when I first heard about it nor was I optimistic. I was pretty neutral and after watching the video on Apple there was something about the scale that …

Mini Love

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Many of us who teach have been having these thoughts for quite some time . . .

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John Stewart on Tap Fish (video)

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Interesting idea . . .

The Special K Tweet Shop (video)

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I had one of Icelantic’s first employees in my social marketing class three years ago! I’ve posted about them in the past and they’ve really taken off! Love the people there and love the brand. Almost makes me want to ski! (But that ain’t happening!) Enjoy!