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John Stewart on Tap Fish (video)

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Interesting idea . . .

The Special K Tweet Shop (video)

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I had one of Icelantic’s first employees in my social marketing class three years ago! I’ve posted about them in the past and they’ve really taken off! Love the people there and love the brand. Almost makes me want to ski! (But that ain’t happening!) Enjoy!

Check out this the Goggles from Zeal Optics with a built in HD camera. More than a novelty, this type of technology is going to extend the real-time experience of social networking. This is one of the things Google’sĀ Hangouts/Project Glass wants to promote. Imagine logging in to Newschoolers to watch some amazing new skiing talent …

Found this video on @psfk and love the idea, but don’t cloud services negate the need for this? Enjoy!

NexPhone (video)

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Here is the last video in the series. To see what you may have missed click here for a list of all the videos.