Perch your merch (video)


Perch is an interactive display technology that allows you to create some  amazing micro-experiences for your customers. Can you imagine the possibilities if the system had your data  – customer loyalty, buyer behavior, social product sentiment. That would be amazing! Enjoy!

via @myTripst3r

Samsung’s display centric world (video)


Corning created their A day made of Glass video two years ago and now Samsung has created a video demonstrating their vision of the future. I can see having a smart watch and AR enabled glasses, not sure about the rest of this. Some of it feels disposable, which we are headed towards and I’m not a huge fan of that. Enjoy!

Ptch has been swallowed whole! (video)


Yahoo bought them! They are one of the many cool little companies Yahoo has acquired over the past year.  Below is a list of some of them and you definitely get a feeling that Marissa had many to-do’s on her list. Stamped Summly Tumblr (not so little) Evntlive Rockmelt IQ Engine Imgur (maybe) “What was Ptch?”, you may ask. If Instagram allowed you to create vignettes with...

Apple’s Christmas commercial (video)


I’m not much of a fan of TV commercials, probably because I don’t see them very often. #killYourTV But this commercial is pretty amazing. Not because it’s a tear jerker but because it speaks to a new behavior set that marketing companies like Chute are plugged into. People now have these amazing media tools in their hand – which they have had for a number of years –...

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