My wife and I are pretty geeky and this app simply aggregates that geekiness into one interface. Couple breaks out media into formats similar to Tumblr. Text, images, video, audio, “thinking of you”, share location, create/send a sketch, sketch together and something called a Thumbkiss. (You put your thumb on the screen at the same …

This is a great video from Altimeter, outlining the benefits of being a social enterprise as opposed to simply using social media. Enjoy!

Let’s get one thing straight before you watch this video. Usability – also known as interaction design – IS marketing. It’s an inbound/on-demand world and if you get in your customer’s way: You’ve failed. This is an amazing video (18 minutes and worth every second) that highlights some of the impacts of the Post-PC era and …

Connecting (video)

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Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.

Interesting idea and they must be smart; they bought GetGlue!

TV loves you back with Viggle

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I posted about App.net back in August and have noticed a serious drop-off in Tweets from @daltonc – for painfully obvious reasons – in recent months. This is a great conversation and if you want to get to the App.net conversation, it begins at 16:30.

Tap into your inner DJ with Samplr

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Memoto is a pretty cool idea AND a Kickstarter project! I’d definitely wear it when I was traveling. The real value will come when I can trigger it using my Google (project) Glass(es). (Yes. The Apple version will be called iGlasses.) Enjoy!