Corning is back and they’ve created an updated video outlining the future of everywhere computing as they see it. Here is the original video.

A day made of glass 2 (video)

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Laugh now but I would expect Facebook to bake this type of functionality into their next app. LikeBelt is one of many helping social commerce become a seamless!

Great video highlighting which products will die in the near future because of technology. Change is hard . . .

Technology kills! (video)

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I posted about the Facebook Project back in March of 2011 and then pushed out an update I received in August on how Facebook may impact the global economy. Somehow I missed the October update on FB’s potential influence on politics. Better late than never. Enjoy!

This is a great video infographic that outlines Facebook statistics now. Enjoy!

Facebook infographic (video)

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My wife sent this to me and I’m not entirely sure how they do this but it’s funny to see the people’s response. Enjoy!

I think of privacy like I think of the tooth fairy. I believed it existed when I was younger but then I grew up and realized that there really is no such thing. (Maybe I can put some money under my pillow for some privacy!) It looks like Max Schrems is on his way to …

I didn’t see it (since I’m unfortunately not in Paris) but I guess the CEO of Forrester proclaimed Foursquare dead at Le Web. This is an interview from the WSJ right after the incident. (I don’t believe Foursquare is dead but I do think that now the masses are joining that their target audience has …