@irrive looks like a great way to experientially map out your trip using images from Instagram/Flickr, check-ins on Foursquare and Tweets. (The system also creates a very cool video but there is no way to embed it.)

Alien augmented reality

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Check out this physical interface from @LeapMotion

Take the Leap

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This data visualization was created by @jeffclark

Great video on TV advertising and where we’re headed from @mildenhall. Enjoy!

I was someone who benefitted from Klout’s new algorithm released on August 9th, with my score increasing by 10 points! What’s most interesting is the concept of Moments, which hasn’t been released yet. The idea is simple; show me the impact of the content I create. Think of it as analytics for what resonates. This …

Pavlov would love Klout’s Moments

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This is a great TED Talk about from @remixeverything¬†about how creativity is the ability to take pieces of what has influenced you and put them together in a unique way.¬†¬†This sentiment is shared by Malcom Gladwell with respect to Steve Jobs. (Living/breathing Tweet below.) Malcolm Gladwell on Steve Jobs, “the tweaker”: his sensibility was “editorial, …

Embrace the Remix (Ted Talk)

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This is a great video from @daltonc, the founder of App.net. App.net aims to create a Twitter-like service without utilizing advertising to support their business. (I remember several years ago, when Twitter was still shiny and new, someone launched a survey to find out if people would be willing to pay for Twitter and the …

Great example of how NFC can make sharing between devices seamless and intuitive. Enjoy!

Spatially aware devices (video)

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