Blade Runner | Blackout 2022 (video)


I’m a fan of anime and have been for many years. Some old school standouts are Robotech, G-Force,  Running Man and Ghost in the Shell. I’m also a fan of Cyberpunk. Ran Xerox, Johnny Mnemonic, The Matrix and of course, Blade Runner.  So . . . needless to say that when I discovered this little gem on YouTube, I had to share it. Enjoy!

Mondays at Red Rocks


Every Monday morning, for the past three years, I head up to Red Rocks and do the following exercise regimen. From the bottom to top of the seats – 68 rows – with no stopping, right leg only. Bottom to top of the seats, no stopping, left leg only. Bottom to top of the seats, no stopping, right leg only. Bottom to top of the seats, no stopping, left leg only. Row 17 to top of the...

Check this out! (video)


The band is called Heilung. (German for “Healing”).
This song is called Hamrer Hippyer and is off the Album Lifa.
The style of music is called experimental folk or neo-folk.
You should listen but make sure the lights are off and you’re alone. :)

RIP Stan Lee


Growing up, I was a fan of Ghost Rider and the Silver Surfer. This man helped create a metric ton of my childhood memories AND many fatherhood memories. My kids and I see every Marvel film that comes out. He had a long, prolific life. Something I aspire to. Above is a video created by employees at Marvel and Disney, commemorating Stan. Below is a video of every Stan Lee cameo and at the bottom is...

RIP Anthony Bourdain


I’ve been watching Anthony Bourdain since 2005 and have blogged about him many times.  I don’t remember how I found his show No Reservations, but it was the only show I watched with any regularity for years. I appreciated his ability to reflect on a culture through sharing food with the locals and repeatedly said, “That’s the perfect job.” I’ll miss him. Most...

Determining customer value by measuring engagement


I’m currently teaching an intro to marketing concepts course (online) in the MBA@Denver program.  We’re using 2U as the platform and it’s going well. One of the questions I received from a student last night was “Is there a yardstick for measuring value?”.  Unfortunately, there is no yardstick!  But there is a simple model to help you out. When you think of value...

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