I arrive in Denver at 3:32pm on flight 1431.  I need to get to Boulder by 7pm for a dinner meeting. I get off the plane and make my way to the main concourse. I receive a text that Uber will be at door 8B on the west side as usual. I reply back; “I’m hungry …

Link to Introducing Snapcash!

For most, the word snob is derogatory.  Someone who’s palette is so sophisticated they can’t be pleased. Someone who has the highest standards when it comes to experiencing the thing that they love. If you think about this definition, you could also call them geeks. Terms like beer geek, bike geek are common these days. Subject Matter Experts, …

Link to Ditto Labs can pull social data out of your images (video)

I posted about this undeveloped technology two years ago and here it is! Finally!!! Enjoy.

Link to IKEA’s bookbook

This is pretty funny.

Link to Nixie – A wearable drone

I love this but you may be asking yourself, “What would I do with this?” Not sure about you but . . . I would have it follow me down the slopes when I snowboard – recording the joy!

Link to Alan Schaaf and breaking outside of your friends list
Link to OpenStreetMap turns 10

OpenStreetMap is 10 years old! I can’t believe it’s been that long . . . Here is some eye candy -which I believe shows how the data was mapped out over time. (At least that is what I chose to believe.) Enjoy!

Link to Apple – MacBook Air Sticker Commercial (video)
Link to Her

No. This is not a post about an ex-girlfriend. And I’m not sure if a spoiler alert is needed. :) So I finally got to see the Spike Jonze movie Her and I have to tell you, they did an amazing job! You start by thinking, “How could anyone fall in love with an OS? That’s stupid!” and when I …