Link to Snapchat’s new on-demand filters!

I love this! Not because I’m a serious Snapchat user but because this is the first case I can think of that a business put a geofencing capability into the hands of consumers.

Link to Behold: Woo Woo!

This is how it feels to be a marketer at times. :)

Embrace the collision!

Link to Foursquare’s eye candy from New York City

Place shapes in NY

Link to Foursquare’s eye candy from Shinjuku Station

新宿駅 Shinjuku Station Place Shape

Link to Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft Episode 5 (video)

Last year, I was on a flight from Austin to Denver, frustrated that I was unable to attend more sessions at SxSWi. It was my first year and I was overwhelmed by the quantity/quality of information. I had attended 4 days of sessions from 9am to 5pm and still only scratched the surface. As I sipped yet …

I have been teaching a course called Gateway to Business at the Daniels College of Business for the past three years. This course is for Freshmen and I copiloted the course back in 2012 with Dr. Stephen Haag. The course is an attempt to remove the mind numbing joy of business 101 concepts by having …

I have always been a fan of niches and believe they are the best target for marketing efforts. I define niches as a group of people who are incredibly passionate about an experience they share or have shared. Sometimes that experience can be created by a product or service. (Niche = Geek. Wine Geek. Lego …

Link to Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft Episode 4 (video)