Link to Alan Schaaf and breaking outside of your friends list
Link to OpenStreetMap turns 10

OpenStreetMap is 10 years old! I can’t believe it’s been that long . . . Here is some eye candy -which I believe shows how the data was mapped out over time. (At least that is what I chose to believe.) Enjoy!

Link to Apple – MacBook Air Sticker Commercial (video)
Link to Her

No. This is not a post about an ex-girlfriend. And I’m not sure if a spoiler alert is needed. :) So I finally got to see the Spike Jonze movie Her and I have to tell you, they did an amazing job! You start by thinking, “How could anyone fall in love with an OS? That’s stupid!” and when I …


There are some  compelling items in this video. Some of my favorites are: The concept of the campaign is and has been deconstructing. It’s not about promoting a product you need to move. It’s more about the conversation you’re having with your customers and providing them exactly what they need. (This is no small task.) The …

Link to ScratchJr: An iPad app that teaches your 6-8 year old how to code (video)

There is a comment in this video that I firmly believe and have been saying in my classes for the past 5 years. Computer programing or coding is a like a new form of writing. A new type of literacy. This same sentiment came form @photomatt, founder or WordPress (amongst others) when he said that scripting was the …

Link to Wall-E + EVE = JIBO (video)

So . . . this is very interesting. They wanted to raise $100,000 and with 23 days left, they’ve raised $1,104,109 on Indiegogo. As Google expands it’s data-based business, expect it to acquire this company quickly. Nest is a joke compared to this when it comes to data collection.

I just received this email from Foursquare. I have mixed feelings about this but I respect their decision to listen to the data (aka their users.) Love the new logo! Hi Michael, About five years ago, we launched a little app called Foursquare. As one of the first million people to sign up for Foursquare, you’ve …

Link to Bring your bracelet to Tomorrowland (video)

I’d never heard of Tomorrowland but it looks like fun and this little bracelet allows you to make friends easily. Enjoy!

Link to You gotta try Nymi! (video)

Checkout this video from Nymi and then go and pre-order one!