Link to Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft
Link to Pinpoint: Foursquare’s new geo-location based advertising platform
Link to In Memory | A film about death and grieving in the digital age


My second day was a good one. I went to see the session entitled Forget Loyalty, Build habits with the VP/Digital for Julep Beauty, @lesliefeinzaig. Leslie is a gamer and has a gaming background so she has had some experience with building habits. Her goal with Julep is to create habits for influencers and as …

Link to Magic Leap’s AR game looks unbelievable!

I definitely understand why Google invested $542 million in Magic Leap! Their AR game looks AMAZING! Enjoy!

Yep. That Yo. The app that you could install and send a “Yo” to friends with. The app/company that received a $1.5 million investment last July. It turns out that this little joke of an app is actually creating a wafer thin platform for smartwatches with which you can plug your services into. @orarbel the …

Link to Scott Galloway and The Four Horsemen

@profgalloway proselytizes about Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. I agree with many things he says. ¬†eCommerce -> brick & mortar – I completely agree with him on eCommerce companies opening stores, even though I have no idea what a Warbly Parker is. Amazon is screwed. A company that races to the bottom never wins. Enough …

Link to Steeri – The self-driving car parody